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Stivichall Primary School

Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

All children are expected to wear the approved uniform of Stivichall Primary School which gives children an identity and a sense of belonging to our school community when wearing either day uniform or PE kit. The expectations extend to hair style and accessories, including jewellery.

You are asked to label your child's clothing clearly (including shoes) to minimise the amount of time spent searching for and returning 'lost' items.

Winter Summer 

· White or red polo shirt or white blouse/ shirt

· Grey trousers/ skirt/pinafore dress

· Red sweatshirt or cardigan with optional       school badge

· Grey/white tights

· Grey/white socks

· Black flat shoes (not trainers)

· Winter uniform may be worn all year round if preferred

· Grey trousers/ shorts/ pinafore dress

· White or red polo shirt or white blouse/ shirt

· Red/white summer dress/culottes (check or stripe)

· Red sweatshirt or cardigan with optional school badge

· Grey/white socks

· Grey/white tights

· Black flat shoes or black closed-toe sandals


We expect children to appear tidy and wear their uniform smartly.

Jewellery, Accessories and Make up for Pupils

  • Jewellery and make up (including nail varnish) should not be worn in school, with the exception of where this is for reasons of religious beliefs;
  • Earrings are not permitted, except for children with pierced ears, who may wear studs. Earrings need to be either removed or covered over with plasters for PE lessons.  Earrings are not permitted for swimming lessons (parents are asked to bear this in mind when considering new piercings);
  • A normal watch may be worn once a child is able to use it properly;
  • Children should not wear any jewellery or accessories (including hair accessories) that are sharp and that could cause injury.

Book Bags

We encourage children to use book bags to transport books and homework between school and home. Book bags in red or green with the school logo are available to buy from the school office, priced at £6.00.

PE Kit

For PE, children require:

  • black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms/ joggers
  • crew neck T-shirt in their house colour (not polo shirt)
  • sweatshirt in their house colour, or school jumper/cardigan (if wearing a layer on top of their house colour T-shirt) 
  • trainers for outdoor PE or black pumps for indoor PE (we understand that as the children are currently wearing their PE kit all day, due to COVID measures, they may wear trainers on indoor PE days).

Please make sure that children are only wearing trainers on PE days

Many PE lessons are held outdoors, so children are encouraged to have a track suit or joggers/sweatshirt plus trainers in school, particularly in the winter months.

'Normally', when COVID restrictions around not changing in school are not in place, PE kit should be stored in a drawstring bag clearly labelled with the child's name. Kit needs to be in school on the first day of each half term and will usually remain in school until the next school holiday.

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)

Stivichall is a LOtC school meaning that as well as going on meaningful trips to broaden and enrich children's learning across the curriculum, children also go outside and use our school grounds in planned, lesson time activities. Whenever necessary, your child's class teacher may ask you to provide suitable clothing and footwear for LOtC activities - typically a waterproof/shower proof coat, some wellies or old trainers and a change of clothes that you don't mind getting muddy. When a significant amount of equipment is required (for example for a series of Forest School lessons or a residential trip), we will notify parents in writing and detail the items needed.

You are asked to label your child's clothing clearly (including shoes) to minimise the amount of time spent searching for and returning 'lost' items.

If you wish to purchase items of uniform with an embroidered school logo, they can be purchased via Andy Blair Sports and Schoolwear -