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Stivichall Primary School

Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

We are very proud at Stivichall of our different pupil leader groups who ensure that children's voices are heard and impact on decision making across all aspects of school life.

Pupil Leadership Team

The Pupil Leadership Team has been an integral and important part of Stivichall Primary School for a number of years and were previously known at the School Council. The democratic selection process begins by allowing every child to present why they think they would be a good representative for their class to their peers. After all candidates have spoken, one pupil from each class, from Year 2 to Year 6, is voted onto the Pupil Leadership Team by the children.

Being a member of the Pupil Leadership Team requires hard work, commitment and a responsibility that ensures that every child in the school has a voice that can be heard, as each member represents and acts on behalf of their classmates. The team have regular meetings, often in their own time, in which a variety of topics are covered and then relayed back to their classes. Every term, a charitable cause is selected by the children and innovative ways to fundraise are created as a team. The Pupil Leadership Team address whole school issues and look for ways to improve school life for all and often are part of important whole school initiatives and drives. They also lead pupils from across the school in modelling and promoting British Values.

House Captains

Along with the Pupil Leadership Team, Stivichall Primary School also has House Captains. There are four houses in total: Ashe, Gregory, Leigh and Hood, and every child is placed into a house when they arrive at the school. Each house has a Year 6 captain that is selected through election hustings involving the whole school. The House Captains play an important role in the school, encouraging positive behaviour in weekly and termly house point challenges and represent and lead their houses on important days such as Sports Day and Cross Country events.

Finally, The House Captains often work collaboratively with The Pupil Leadership Team in a collective drive to make Stivichall Primary School the best it can be.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

The Wellbeing Ambassadors are a team made up of representatives across Years 3-6. With an increasing national awareness of the importance of being open, encouraging discussion about mental wellbeing, the Ambassadors were carefully selected to support and promote wellbeing activities within school. There are 8 Ambassadors in total, who endeavour to model Stivichall’s positive learning behaviours. Over the course of the school year, as a range of school and national events take place promoting wellbeing, the Ambassadors help to co-ordinate activities and assemblies promoting awareness of the initiatives to staff and pupils.

At the core of their role is their presence on the playground during breaks and lunch times. The Wellbeing Ambassadors provide a friendly ear for any children who need one and have been trained in using restorative questions to help resolve disagreements and tensions amongst children. Additionally, the role holds great responsibility; the Ambassadors are able to award house points to children who are seen to be demonstrating brave behaviours. For example, actively encouraging children to engage in wellbeing activities. Alongside this, the Wellbeing Ambassadors also work hard to provide opportunities for children to take part in activities designed to promote wellbeing. When able, they run a range of lunch time clubs and activities, based around the Five Ways to Wellbeing - Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, and Take Notice. Examples include Yoga Club, Walk and Talk, and Mindfulness Club.

Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors work hard to make Stivichall Primary School a greener place. Through introducing a range of exciting initiatives, many positive changes have been made. Our representatives from across the Key Stages partake in a weekly litter picking rota which ensures that the school grounds are litter free and that waste is disposed of correctly. They have worked hard to promote recycling of packaging and compostable fruit peelings by ensuring that facilities to dispose of these items are available throughout the school and take responsibility for emptying these.

Based upon the results of a survey carried out by the Eco Warriors about snack packaging, they wanted to do something about the large number of empty crisp packets being thrown away daily by pupils. To address this issue, the Eco Warriors introduced a crisp packet recycling scheme, from which the empty crisp packets are sent to a specialist recycling centre. Furthermore, taking inspiration from Greta Thunberg, the dedicated representatives also spread awareness of environmental issues by reminding other pupils and teachers what they can do to be Eco Warriors too.

Coventry Young Ambassadors

The Coventry Young Ambassador movement was borne out of the legacy of the 2012 Olympics Coventry Ambassadors. The initiative was launched in February 2018 and brings together young people from across the city who are committed to representing their city and schools by volunteering at school, city and nation-wide events. The Young Ambassadors programme trains these young people and provides a huge range of leadership and ambassador opportunities at sporting and cultural events. Alongside this is a focus on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond and a huge part of the Young Ambassadors’ roles is to spread the Olympic message and encourage interest in the language and culture of Japan. 10 of the city’s Young Ambassadors took part in a study tour to japan in 2019 where they toured Olympic venues and participated in sporting and cultural events. Stivichall is proud to be one of 5 founding schools and has the largest group of Young Ambassadors in the city. We are proudly sponsored and supported by the Japan Foundation, the Daiwa Foundation, City of Culture and the Sasakawa Foundation.

Click on the photo below for an example news article of some of our community work.

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are responsible for looking after IT equipment across school, and supporting the teaching and learning of computing within the classroom. The Digital Leader role has evolved over the course of the last 6 months; the children have taken on more responsibility and been essential in developing computing at Stivichall Primary.  

Our Digital Leaders receive regular training and are becoming more and more proficient in addressing issues / sharing SMART Board updates with their class, and leading on filming and editing videos. They are in charge of video production for the various pupil leadership groups across the school, including the house captains and eco-warriors. The group use a range of different techniques taught by our IT apprentice and IT Lead to make the videos engaging and professional. This has involved them learning about the use of iMovie in order to film and edit a well-produced video for their peers. 

In our regular Digital Leader meetings, the children share their ideas on how to improve or lead in computing. They access information and tasks set on Seesaw (our online learning platform) and feedback in class/training sessions. This information then feeds into future tasks and events. 

OSCOM (Online Safety Committee)

OSCOM are responsible for participating in half-termly meetings regarding computing updates. They have recently created an online safety notice board, judged the safer internet day competition and helped out with the safer Internet day assembly. One of the biggest achievements for the IT Lead and OSCOM was being awarded the 360Safe mark!

The members also lead the recruitment drive each year for new members and they judge who should be hired from many applicants based on the qualities and skills that they can bring to the team. They meet regularly with the school computing lead and the governor for online safety.