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Stivichall Primary School

Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

Here at Stivichall we have identified Online Safety as one of the most important areas for teaching and learning. We aim to promote an environment where the use of technology is embedded in the education and lives of children, and where pupils are empowered to make good decisions when online and know how to stay safe. 

Mr Daniel is the Online Safety Officer for the school, and Mike Ballinger is the governor with responsibility for Online Safety. They are supported in their roles by a team of children called the Online Safety Committee (OSCOM) who are involved in shaping policy and representing the entire student body in matters of Online Safety.

In order to empower parents and assist them in keeping their children safe online, we regularly publish Online Safety updates and advice via our school Twitter account and the school newsletter. 

Incidents involving the misuse of technology are rare at Stivichall, but when they do occur are dealt with seriously and robustly. All Online Safety incidents involving Stivichall pupils are dealt with by the Online Safety Officer in conjunction with the schools' Senior Leadership Team. 

If your child is involved in an Online Safety incident, please report this to the school. This can be in person to a member of staff, at the school office, or via the telephone.

The image below of the click CEOP button can also be used for reporting purposes; when clicked on, it will link directly to the CEOP website. CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection) are a team of professional child protection advisors who can investigate and help with incidents relating to Online Safety.  CEOP can be contacted in the event of an Online Safety incident as well as school if needed, and can be particularly useful for reporting incidents during the school holidays. 

Below are some links that we feel will be of particular interest for parents and children alike. 


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These children are apart of our online safety committee