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Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

Exploring the humanities subjects can offer opportunities for children to develop an interest, passion and even fascination in a wide range of themes and topics. The thematic curriculum studied by year groups can be seen in the Curriculum pages of our website, but we hope the following website, apps and offline ideas are useful for dipping into during home learning.

Websites and Apps Key Stage Content KS1 and KS2 Mapping the world, time zones , longitude and latitude and maps

Y1-6 Geography support by topic  KS1 Explore the UK and Countries around the World KS2 People and Places, Natural World, Human Geography and Sustainability All Maps of the UK and Europe and quizzes All All aspect of Geography and gives loads of ideas for 3d projects All Interactive map skills, quizzes, pictures, videos, games


Subject learning, video clips and quizzes 


Subject learning and quizzes Y1-6 Articles, subject learning and quizzes Y1-6 History support by topic Y1-6 360 tours of the Natural History Museum

Some Geography areas all children could continue to build on are:

1. Place Knowledge - through exploring atlases and maps (online or resources at home if they have them e.g. globes, maps), Google Earth, web research

2. Human and Physical features - online web pages, Google Earth and observations whilst they are out exercising in their community

3. Field study skills such as map work - online websites, resources at home e.g. maps and atlases

Make a treasure map for your house or garden - remember to hide the treasure ... can your parent or sibling find it using your map alone?

Other Geography ideas:

  • Lay in the garden and observe the clouds (see useful website page)
  • Keep a weather diary
  • Draw a map of your garden or somewhere you know really well
  • Make your own compass
  • Make your own weather vane
  • Observe the human and physical features in your local area when on a walk
  • Look at the food in your store cupboards and fridge and think about which countries it comes from
  • Record how water is used in your home
  • Help with recycling
  • Make a travelogue. Recording the places you have been and the things you saw.

Other ideas for History:

  • Make a family tree
  • Research your family’s history
  • Interview a family member about when they were young (observe social distancing  / use electronic devices)
  • Make a family timeline
  • Find out and write about an important family object in your home
  • Make a time capsule
  • Keep diary about the Lockdown
  • Cut out pictures from magazines, catalogues and newspapers to make an interesting collage about the time period