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Stivichall Primary School

Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

There are lots of different ways to practise your English skills. 

Below are a range of links to online resources and other ideas, activities and games to help children continue to practise and progress in their reading. As well as reading 'tasks/activities',  it is vital that children are still in a routine of having a special time and place for reading for pleasure - e.g. before bed, or in their favourite comfy chair after lunch. Learning at Stivichall is a Passport for Life and if we can foster a love of learning in our children, it opens up a world of opportunities for them.

The following statistics show the impact of reading just 20 minutes per day by the time your child reaches Year 7 ('6th Grade' in the US poster below):

  There are also ideas for writing, poetry and phonics below. We hope you enjoy!

Website or App name Key Stage  Content

All Range of Oxford Reading Tree e-books

KS1 Guided reading activities

KS1 A range of stories aimed at younger learners YR - Y2

Phonic games and activities

Username : march20

Password: home All Great for downloading extracts

All An excellent range of poetry read aloud, arranged by themes and age groups. Transcripts also available. All Range of English games and content for all year groups All Pictures to inspire creative writing – come with prompt questions for each image

Reading Apps:

  • First Words Deluxe
  • Toy Story Read Aloud
  • 1000 Sight Words
  • Marvin
  • Blio
  • Me Books
  • Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper
  • Word Dynamo
  • Question Builder
  • Reading Prep Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension Camp
  • Reading Comprehension Booster
  • Aesop’s Quest

Range of reading apps with reviews,

star ratings and description of

content on App Stores.

Phonics Apps:

  • Pocket Phonics
  • Phonics Genius
  • Word Wizard
  • Mr Thorne Does Phonics
  • Phonics Lilies
  • Monster Phonics
  • Hearbuilder Phonological Awareness


YR - Y2


Range of phonics apps with reviews,

star ratings and description of

content on App Stores.

Other reading ideas and activities:

  • read to an adult, brother or sister
  • read in the garden, on the sofa, in bed ... everywhere!
  • read magazines, websites, film/game reviews
  • listen to an audio book
  • Draw and describe a character from a book (using the clues in the text)
  • Predict what will happen next and why
  • Create a glossary of words you didn’t know
  • Write an alternate ending to a story
  • Transform part of a story into a playscript
  • Draw a map of the setting from a story
  • Find your favourite 5 bits of description in a text
  • Use your reading to focus on vocabulary, magpie words and phrases that you would like to use in your writing