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Stivichall Primary School

Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

Keep your creative juices flowing and practise and develop your Art and DT skills by seeing which of these website links, Apps and offline ideas inspire you. We have even included some Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities here.

Website or App Key Stage Content All

A range of STEM and design

activities to try at home All

Inspired indoor Art and Craft 

ideas from the Scouts All

Resources and ideas 

including continuous line 



Some other 'offline' ideas:

  • Art - ask children to keep a sketch journal, for example, ask them to draw everyday objects around the home
  • Art - do some mindful colouring - find some colouring books (even old ones), put on some peaceful music and just enjoy colouring
  • Art - sketch or paint outside, or from your window - how do shadows and colours change in different weather, different times of the day etc. Look at some famous artists work (e.g. Monet's haystacks) where they observed and showed how light changes through their art
  • Art - find out more about your (or a member of your family's) favourite artist - start your own sketch book and scrap book collecting quick sketches of their work, notes about their inspirations etc.
  • DT - ask an adult very politely if they will help you to cook something or bake something simple following a simple recipe
  • DT - learn to make some origami models - the swan, a boat, a hat etc. Can you make and improve a new paper airplane design? What design of plane can fly the furthest?