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Dol-y-Moch, Yr6 2022

Dol-y-Moch, Yr6 2022

Last week, year 6 pupils enjoyed their trip to Dol-y-Moch. 

During their time away, the children got the opportunity to visit beaches, explore dark and damp caves, learn how to kayak, and even stopped for ice cream along the way! Here is what some of the pupils had to say about the trip:

"I enjoyed the Dol-y-Moch dive the most. It took a lot of courage and the water was really cold" - Amber, 5/6M

"My favourite part was the unassisted walk. We had freedom, but we had to find our way back all by ourselves. It was scary because we knew the teachers were hiding." - Ekamani, 5/6M

"I liked the Dol-y-Moch dive because at first I didn't think I could do it, but I was brave. Once I'd done it, it felt amazing." - Harry, 6S

" The best bit for me was the kayaking because it involved a lot of teamwork, and I love water activities." - Will, 5/6M

You can find pictures from the trip here, or head to our twitter page: @stivichallps

We are very proud of our Yr6's and everything they achieved on this trip. Well done to you all!