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Stivichall Primary School

Stivichall Primary School

Learning at Stivichall is a passport for life

Final day & leaving - 8th April

Final day & leaving - 8th April

Our staff have collected a handful of student accounts, please click to find out more.


"First we did the slime pond and it was really fun, there was a huge net that we jumped down and rolled. To get to the net we needed to climb across the pond through ropes."

"We then went further up to go kayaking. We got the kayaks out and had a hot chocolate whilst listening to the instructions. I was quite nervous at first as I didn't want to get in the water." 

"After I saw other children do the dive I overcame my fear and joined in too. The jailbreak kayak game was really fun and I liked paddling away from the jailers. I would do it again!"



"What I enjoyed most about Dol-y-Moch was the kayaking because I never tried doing it before but it was really fun and easy. The most funny part was when Dayal capsized and all he cared about was his shoe missing."



"I really enjoyed the kayaking and the Dol-y-Moch dive because some of my friends that have been here before said it was really cool but very wet. Yesterday we did navigating and I enjoyed that to, we saw lots of really small lambs! After that we went to the beach and me and Josh made a tower of 17 rocks and lola said to get a bubble gum ice cream but I got a bueno one!" 


"The thing I enjoyed most at Dol-y-Moch was when we went to the mines because it was really cool being somewhere that was there thousands of years ago. there were lots of awesome artefacts to look at that had been left in the mines and we learnt to do an amazing trick with some quartz. A really great thing that we did was when we were in on of the chambers after lunch, we turned all the torches off and stooped in pitch black silence for 10 seconds. So I face one of my biggest fears."



"Yesterday, we want to the mines and it was probably the most exciting yet nerve-wracking activity we have done and I will cherish those memories forever. In the mines, we got told lots of stories from around 80 years ago and it was really interesting to find out about all of the min workers and how they dug out the mountain for twelve hours each day. It was the best experience ever!"